Friday, 5 October 2018

ODG087 : Terretektorh / 11:11

Cover art by Zouan Kourtis

ODG087 : Terretektorh / 11:11

Terretektorh is a Greek experimental noise band by Zouan Kourtis. 

The name comes from one of the famous Greek composer Xenakis music composition. 
Zouan Kourtis is a movie director and an animation graphic designer. 
11:11 is his first album under the name of Terretektorh and the whole album was composed like it was for a movie soundtrack based on a story taking place in the near future under a new order. 

Zouan Kourtis

a video for Vision:

Zouan Kourtis : composition, vocals / Nadia G. : vocals
Digital release on the 5th of October 2018.
Track listing:
1: Prologue
2: Vison
3: Under Construction
4: The Game Is On
5: Welcome To The New Order
6: Iron & Steel
7: The Age of Machinery
8: Sound of Arctic
9: Escaping the Nightmare
10: It's Raining
11: Sunset Highway / We're Going Home

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