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OCD045 : Morgen Wurde / Für immer (Originals + Remixes)

Originals - pic by Lawrence English

OCD045 : Morgen Wurde / Für immer - Originals

Morgen Wurde and his musical allies move on to score the unfathomable wonder of the Dasein. "Für Immer" is a further breakthrough to the core, emanating sounds which let dissolve all conceivable questions of man about life and death. Sounds that let all questions appear negligibly.

The immersive finds are channelled as hybrids of ambient/ space/ drone/ doom music with neoclassical and jazz noir elements... sometimes crossing paths with other messengers of transcendental sounds like Abul Mogard, bvdub, Fennesz, Gas, Rafael Anton Irisarri or Tim Hecker.

The elevating experience happens in Morgen Wurde's electroacoustic spaces, hosting singular virtuoso instrumentalists. Creating the "Morgen Wurde" form of lyricism and haunting soundscapes, this collaborative exploration takes space music to new highs.

There are the stoically undulating sound masses, like the ambivalence of the awe-inspiring mysterious forces of nature, sometimes majestic, sometimes threatening. And there are the soloists, wandering through these sonic landscapes as masters of their art:

Doug Perry on the vibraphone and Tetsuroh Konishi on the trumpet embody subtle sublimeness. The violinists bring in widely differing styles: David Strother skipping ardently on top of the seething sound masses, Georges-Emmanuel Schneider forming a mystic amalgam with the underlying soundscapes. Maria Estrella's time-stretched vocals nestling in solemn spheres mark the epic finale.

This is the third album in the series of Morgen Wurde's electroacoustic sound processing based albums, following “Brach Auf” (2016) and “Assassinous Act” (2017) which were released on Time Released Sound, Alameda. Besides, there are two albums “Letzten Endes” (2015, see OCD027) and “Als je zuvor” (2018, see OCD040) (both on Off Rec.) which were composed classically on the piano and then clothed with electronic sounds.

A great review in Dutch in De Subjectivisten :
"All this results in an incomparable listening journey, which sometimes takes on almost stunningly overwhelming forms. Most of it is instrumental, but in the sublime final song "Schien Immer", those heavenly vocal sounds by Maria are added. It is all so incredibly beautiful. This music can be located between Nils Petter Molvaer, Giulio Aldinucci, Markus GuentnerRichard SkeltonJon Hassell, A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Nick Cave & @Warren Ellis. A masterful album."

Physical (2xcds with Remixes) and digital release as a separate album on the 10th of April 2020.

Track listing:

I Glühte aus 
II Über Nacht 
III Sah voraus 
IV Flammt auf 
V Vergessen würde 
VI Glüht aus 
VII Überdauert 
VIII Schwelt ewig 
IX Schien immer 

Concocted and produced by J. Wolfgang Röttger 
Doug Perry (vibraphone) I, VI 
Tetsuroh Konishi (trumpet) I, II, V, VI 
Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (violin, electronics) III, VII 
David Strother (electric violin) IV, VIII 
Maria Estrella Aggabao (vocals) IX 

And on Bandcamp:

Nice review in the German "Beat" magazine:
"Wolfgang Röttger seems to be a true creative source. Two years after his last album, he presents a densely packed new 20 track album titled "Für immer".
Part one is the regular album, which bridges the gap between ambient and drone music on the one hand and film music, jazz and electroacoustic classical music on the other side. Intensive instrumental music which creates a great vastness and surprises with new elements again and again. Like the virtuoso violin playing of David Strother, who has already worked with David Lynch, or guest contributions by Doug Perry (vibraphone) and Tetsuroh Konishi(trumpet).
Part two then leads us into the worlds of techno, house and IDM with remixes by Roman Ridder, Martin Schulte, Altone, and others. This approach is no less convincing, albeit with clubby rather than ethereal sounds. Often the original pieces are hardly recognizable."

Remixes - pic by Lawrence English

OCD045 : Morgen Wurde / Für immer - Remixes

The rich material called for addressing also the body. Artists from around the world answered this call:

Altone (Japan) initiates the rite with a free-floating version of his transcendently drifting remix, incorporating sounds from different album tracks. Roman Ridder (Germany) then sparks the dance with a deep dub techno ride. Liuos (Finland) irresistibly animates the body further into a trance, before Cie (Germany) breaks loose the passionate fire of rave. Lostlojic (Ukraine) upholds the energy of peaktime techno, before Dmitriy Zakat (Russia) navigates through an absorbing IDM intermezzo, followed by a sweeping post-dubstep adventure from Sébastien Job (France). Martin Schulte (Russia) pursues the explorative mission driven by minimal tech breaks. Thereupon Johnnyx Guitar (Germany) deepens the tempting occult spirit of the venture. Duckem (Greece) leaves the traveller with moody trip hop in a Blade Runner style bar, before we've come full circle with the beat version of Altone's remix, reaching out to eternity.

Like all the best remixing work, this material is not intended as alternate versions of the originals. Rather the remixes can be considered originals of the respective artists who drew sounds and vibes from the "Für Immer" originals.

Physical (2xcds with Originals) and digital release as a separate album on the 10th of April 2020.

Track listing:

I Für immer (Altone beatless Reshape) 
II Sah voraus (Roman Ridder Remix) 
III Sah voraus (Liuos Remix) 
IV Flammt auf (Cie Remix) 
V Schwelt ewig (Lostlojic Retech) 
VI Sah voraus (Dmitriy Zakat Remix) 
VII Sah voraus (Sébastien Job Rework) 
VIII Glühte aus (Martin Schulte Moonlight Version) 
IX Über Nacht (Johnnyx Guitar Remix) 
X Schwelt ewig (Duckem Remix) 
XI Für immer (Altone Reshape) 
+ Bandcamp only bonus track:
XII Schien immer (Synthese Remix)

And on Bandcamp:


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