Sunday, 10 August 2014

ODG026 : WXII / Pillbox

cover art by A.L.

ODG026 : WXII / Pillbox

WXII stands for field recordings in Flanders places from World War one. 
Since 2012, Yves Bondue, Peter Paelinck and Luc Vanhoucke didn't stop visiting the Flanders fields where so many tragic battles killed so many during World War one.
They wanted to capture the sounds and images that the country provokes by itself, evaporating some kind of music from the soil.
They allowed themselves to be dominated by the different landscapes, almost surrendering their multiple instruments to the environment. They had to completely forgot the way they used to play and developed new habits and a musical language in direct consonance with the surrounding elements.
During the year 2013, they recorded one track each month in a particular place that they had chosen and released an album with the material and pictures they had collected.
In 2014, they decided to continue their project, invading new places.
This recording is from March 2014, in a WW1 bunker in Ledegem.
The players use the sound around them to improvise with various instruments. It's not them who command to the nature, but the nature which command to them... This leaves space and time to built uncommon music. It's ambient with mystery!

WXII website

Digital release only as a single 23 min. track on the 11th of August 2014.

Track listing:
1) Pillbox

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