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ODG040 : D Aimler Entertainment Group / Disco Discoveries Vol.1 & 2

ODG040 : D Aimler Entertainment Group / Disco Discoveries Vol.1 & 2

This is probably the strangest music I have ever encountered. 

Back in 2010, a friend who had travelled in Sweden offered me a K7 tape. It was a dj mix of very obscure disco hits from various Swedish bands, notably a few from a band called D Aimler Entertainment Group. Those songs amazed me by their strangeness and dark power.
It took me years before I succeeded to locate a certain Noah Brown, manager of the band at the time, as all original members of the band were unreachable.
He then send me the full recordings on K7 with a letter explaining that back in 1976 D Aimler and his friends decided to record their favorite disco themes.
At the time, they self released their songs via their own label: Daegillicord.
This is what Noah wrote in his letter:

"welcome to disco discoveries...
Having decided to record an album of all time favorites…a true tribute to great recordings artistes…we where faced with a problem, not, as is usually the case, deciding which tunes to include that have been made permanent favourites through the years…
well, we’ve done our best to give a cross section of hits on this offering and can only hope that we have included your particular favorites
of one thing we are certain: the performance given here by the d aimler entertainment group is, both in style and quality, a sincere tri-bute to the artistes who first made these tunes popular…"

noah brown
head of cabbage

And a picture of the band late 1976:

Jürgen Clause: drums, percusions
Ann Parlophone: percusions, vocals
Microman: piano, keyboards, fairlight
Gregory Cooler: bas moog, vocals
José Gormez: guitars, percusions, vocals
Barbara E.Smith: viola, chello
D Aimler: bandleader, sounds vocals

Listening test responses back in 1976:

”these tunes bring peace and serenity…not easy to come by and much appreciated”

”it didn’t make me feel happy or sad…i simple found it impossible to think of the things that disturb me, which, to me, is 
a higher form of inner peace

”the whole room seemed to change as the beam tracked the first groove…
very heavy stuff

surrealitic experience…the strange harmonics and super-reality of the sounds generate their own sense of reality”

”provides a mellow, 
relaxing atmosphere…very good quality”

”i was expecting electronic music-what i heard was totally diffrent..
truly beautiful sound

"the realism of theese recordings is 
truly exceptional...a true pleasure"

It a real pleasure for Off to finally offer to all of you those incredible songs.
Digital release only on the 11th of May 2015.

Track listing:

volume 1
01 Yado! Yado!
02 Love Bombs
03 Afrikaan Country
04 Don’t Go Away Little Girl
05 Flirty 30’s 
06 Bob Bachelor
07 Memories Valley
08 Micha’s Message
09 Music Memories And Martinis
10 Ocjoy
11 On A Clear Day You Can Smile Forever
12 Under A Royal Blue October Sky
13 September Song
14 Sheila Grooves On Me (Oh! Donny Donny)
15 Hum Hum Blue
16 Sleepy People
17 Such A Pretty Song
18 The Ballad Of The Sad Gang Men
19 The Beautiful Way Of Love
20 Final Episode Of Charmaine
21 To All Discrimating Music Lovers

volume 2
01 Theme From Sugar Candy
02 Alone Again On New Years Eve
03 The Golden Joint
04 A Guitar Coctail
05 Cryin’ Out For The Lost Space Child
06 California Daydream
07 Kea
08 Hey Mister Hardblower
09 Steppin’ With Ross
10 Dusty Star
11 Buzz Remember ’67
12 Goodbye Sweet Jane
13 My Little Grass Schack
14 Music People
15 Omadas Night With Joséphine B
16 Disc Jockey
17 164 Hypnotized Bees
18 The Breeze And I
19 Daisy Saw The Cat
20 If You Ever Got Rain In Your Heart
21 Let’s Have Popcorn!!!
22 Pulco’s Night With Doris Day
23 Why Don’t You Lough?
24 Do The Do Song

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