Monday 25 May 2015

ORT013 : Elko Blijweert - Frans Van Isacker / Atlajala Land

ORT013 : Elko Blijweert & Frans Van Isacker / Atlajala Land

Up until the year 2010 guitar hero Elko Blijweert and saxophone virtuoso Frans Van Isacker
brought jazz music to the rocking masses as key members of Franco Saint De Bakker. 
Now they have joined forces again to bring us "Atlajala Land", a voyage through time and space that takes the listener from avant-garde free jazz over melancholic melodies to the sensual sounds of a late-night make-out session in an abandoned castle. 
What better way to present this wide-ranging musical collaboration to the people than by a unique joint venture between Teun Verbruggen's avant-jazz label Rat Records and Rudy Trouvé's all-encompassing Heaven Hotel collective? 
Musical references include Brian Eno, Richard Thompson, Jackie Mc Lean, Boredoms, Bach and Beethoven. 
However, whimsical titles such as "A Welcome Sandwich For The Dancing Bear" and "Making Out At Chourouk's Castle" tell us more about the singular sounds Blijweert and Van Isacker bring us than mere name-dropping ever could.

Pic.: Mark Rietveld

Already released as a cd or vinyl here.
Original digital release on the 27th of May 2015, now in Bandcamp.

Track listing:

01: Silver Gates (Opening)
02: United Rivers of Atlajala Land
03: A Welcome Sandwich for the Dancing Bear
04: Baron vaillant conduit
05: Land of Atlajala
06: Giant’s Corner
07: Celestial Promise
08: Arc of Blackness
09: On Left Bank Bridge
10: Making out at Chourouk's Castle
11: Two Flags Waving at the Border
12: Melody for Atlajala
13: Blue Cabin in the Red Woods (Final)

Two videos showing the talented Elko live:

In Bandcamp:

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