Thursday, 21 April 2016

ODX009 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à brains

Cover art by A.L.

ODX009 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à brains

Finally available in one digital box, the two albums and the remix album from one of the most intriguing Belgian bands, featuring the great Pierre Vervloesem on every tracks, mixing and mastering. He played all over the basic songs composed by Jean-Pierre Jonckheere.
To discover or re discover with urgency!

Original covers:
OPV007 / Boîtes à Tartines, cover art by Kiekebiche:

OPV010 / Into My Brain, cover art by Kiekebiche:

OVD003 / Lines, cover art by Patrick Pirlot:


Digital release on the 22nd 2016.

Track listing:

Cd1/ Boîtes à Tartines:
01. Purple Line
02. Dartagnan 
03. Crac
04. Pervertion
05. Pique-Nique
06. Boîte à tartines
07. Ballade pour un apprenti
08. Old complaining beast
09. Jazz de schiste ( Feat. Morgan Ägren )
10. Absurde Gunzor 
11. No place to learn ( Feat. Albert Marcoeur )
12. Foggy Morning
13. Ballade pour un expat
14. Date de péremption
15. La Petite Maison dans les cailloux ( only available on the digital release)

Cd2/ Lines:
1) Red Line : featuring Seesayle
2) Brown Line : featuring Pierre Vervloesem
3) Green Line : featuring Clémentine Collette
4) Black Line : featuring Gilles Mortiaux

Cd3 / Into My Brains:
01. Broken line                                               
02. Skeleton                                                     
03. L'angoisse du chicon                              
04. No gods needed                                      
05. Glow                                                             
06. Into my brain                                            
07. Absence  
08. Dialogue de sourds                                 
09. Left alone                                                   
10. Captagon                                                    
11. Apnée du soleil    

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