Friday 15 April 2016

OJP008: Chiharu MK / Piano Works: Piano Prizm - Waterproof

Cover art by A.L.

OJP008 : Chiharu MK / Piano Works: Piano Prizm - Waterproff

Chimera Mukaiyama aka Chiharu MK is a Japanese electronic artist born in Sapporo/Hokkaido. She works mainly in electroacoustic music and sound installations.
She is also active in the art field such as sound contributions for German contemporary artist Nina Fisher & Maroan El Sani’s visual piece and sound installations for domestic Triennial exhibitions.
Off released her third album not long ago (see OJP006), a collaboration with Hamon player Sachiko Nagata, but it's now time to rediscover her beautiful 1st album 'Piano Prizm' released in 2007 and her acclaimed 2nd album 'Waterproof' from 2009.
'Piano Prizm' was chosen and played on Radio Sakamoto by Ryuichi Sakamoto himself.
Portfolio and bio here.

A video of Waterproof live in September 2011:

Digital release on the 15th of April 2016.

Track listing:

Piano Prizm:
1: piano prizm
2: Tree of Life remix
3: style r
4: Kodama for 2 castanets

Produced & Masterded : chiharu mk
4track: 1st catanet: Yuji Shingai, 2nd castanet: Keiichi Kikuchi
Recorded & Mixed: Yoshihiro Tsukahara
5: waterproof
6: a.N.
7: panoramic chaos
8: no.4
9: blue cave -inner mind-
10: flow

1track: guitar: yoshihiro tsukahara,  6track: cello: tomoki tai

Produced: chiharu mk
Masterded : yoshihiro tsukahara

And in Bandcamp:

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