Saturday, 10 June 2017

ODG068 : Tadash / Rivals

Cover art by Clément Malherbe pic by Cyrille Poumerie

ODG068 : Tadash / Rivals

Second release from Tadash (see ODG039) on Off, the album 'Rivals' combines again a mix synthesizers, dark melodic curves, new-wave basses, post-punk drums and soft voices, though much more pop in its approach. 
The tracks were written, recorded, deleted, recorded again and finally disorganized in a typical manner by the two French musicians of Tadash.
Mixing 80ties, 90ties and current sounds, singing in English or French, listening to Tadash is  definitively  a very rewarding experience.
The text from the song 'Cocktail of Snake' is a poetry from Faulkner.
Mixed by Jean-Charles Versari at studio Poptones.
Mastering by Pete Maher.

Digital release on the 13 th of June 2017.

Track listing:

1: The Spirit of Solitude (Driving)
2: Ex-Nihilo, Up to the Skin
3: Observatoire
4: Garçon
5: Circonstances pour Louis
6: Cocktail of Snakes

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