Friday 8 February 2019

OJP035 / OUC017 : Atsuko Hatano / Bleeding Heart

Covert art by Saskia Griepink : 'Bloedend hart'  

OJP035 / OUC017 : Atsuko Hatano / Bleeding Heart

After releasing the beautiful EP 'Endless Birthday / Yellow Boys' (see OJP031 / OUC015), Atsuko Hatano returns with her new amazing mini album 'Bleeding Heart'.

Atsuko Hatano is a Japanese Viola player using her instrument with a lot of electronics to add textures and layers to her sound. In this case she recorded playing with a  5 strings viola with leslie speaker. Definitely contemporary classical but with a very electronic approach. 
All music by Atsuko Hatano, recorded at Hoshi To Niji studio.

She has been playing and recording in solo or in collaboration with various artists : site.

Atsuko San

Digital release on the 8th of February 2019.

Track listing:

1: Twisted Compass
2: Down in the Dirt
3: The Heart Is a Muscle
4: Sinkhole
5: Funhouse Mirror
6: Bleeding Heart
7: Blind Alley

And in Bandcamp:

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