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OCD005 : Colorlist / Lists

Cover art by Kiekebiche

OCD005 : Colorlist / Lists

COLORLIST (see alsoOCD009) is an ongoing compositional project based in Chicago, developed piece by piece in an honest and improvisational way. the community explores current hybrid musical territory, concerned with structure and intuition.
CHARLES RUMBACK & CHARLES GORZCYNSKI have performed live duo sets with saxophones, percussion, and electronics.
There new album Lists delves farther into programming and collaboration, welcoming engineers BRIAN BULLARD (bio) and MATTHEW GAGNON into the group, as well as guest bassists MATT LUX ( discogs, bio,discography) and JASON AJEMIAN, cellists ELLEN O’HAYER and SARAH BIBER, bass clarinetist JASON STEIN (bio), guitarist BILL MACKAY (bio), and JOSH EUSTIS (bio) for mastering... thus members from Isotope 217, Telefon Tel Aviv, Broken Things and Who Cares How Long you sink.
This is their first release, a mixture of repetitive sax and synths, organic drums and percussion, ranging stylistically from avant jazz and improvised music to post-rock.

Band members : Charles Rumback: bio
                             Charles Gorzcynski: bio
                             Brian Bullard: bio
                             Matthew Gagnon

extended family: Jason Stein/ Matt Lux/ Josh                                          
Eustis/ Jason Ajemian/ Bill Mackay/ Elien O’hayer/
Sarah Biber

Physical and digital release on the 1st of March 2008.

Track listing :

1 : Lluvia
2 : Orchid
3 : These complimentary
4 : Carbon monoxide
5 : Living mausoleum
6 : The swim around
7 : Rewinding sunday
8 : Ferm Room
9 : City life


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