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OCD012 : Mai Lev / Birthday

OCD012 : Mai Lev / Birthday

From the world of opera and pop-rock comes Israëlian singer-songwriter Mai Lev, with an angelic voice and a keen heart.

She grew up in a musical family listening mainly to Debussy , Ravel , Björk , the Beatles , Bach , Philip Glass , Britten , the Doors , Nirvana , Frank Sinatra,   Kate Bush , Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd.

It took her two years in the making of her first solo album as she started with a voice and a piano and finished with a 25 members classical orchestra.
While she wrote and composed all the songs, she let Nir Maimon, a bass player and talented producer, do all the arrangements of the album. Listening to her songs give the feeling of Mai’ instinct for the perfect and beautifully builded melodies. It takes only once to keep her music and her voice going in your head for quite a long time, but then you irresistibly need to listen to the album again until it draws you in completely.
This album is a come back to the musical roots of her childhood - classical music with rock , pop and electronic flavors.
One could compare Mai’ travel in music to the like of Björk, as she has been singing, playing and composing music since early childhood .
By the time she was 14 she was leading a punk band, performing her music in clubs all over the Galilee.
Later she turned to performing classical music, and making electronic music with "The Sweep"
Their album "Voicemail" came out on 2006 on Hataklit records in Israel .

Van Dyke Parks, most well known for his arrangements for the Beach Boys, The Birds, Loudon Wainwright III and Joanna Newsom, became a fan.  They intended to perform together in 2010, but unfortunately, this never materialized.

Track listing :

1  : MR Wrong                          
2  : Give                                    
3  : Birthday
4 : To me
5 : Better
6 : Imaginary friend
7 : Ready for love
8 : Women
     9 : Die
     10 : Broken
     11 : Girlie blue

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