Saturday 9 April 2011

OCD009 : Colorlist / Photographs

Cover art by Kiekebiche

OCD009 : Colorlist / Photographs

     Colorlist is the creation of just two of the most prolific musicians from the Chicago new jazz scene : Charles Rumback on drums and Charles Gorzcynski on sax.  
     The purpose is to improvise, add texture and arrive to a very intuitive and meditative music, soft-toned, organic and patient, composed with accessible melodies in mind, and searching while rarely scathing. But it’s concurrently fractured, fried and strung into compositions nearly unidentifiable from their original sources.

This new album is a reconstructed version by a myriad of underground producers worldwide of the LISTS album (ODG005, here) released in February 2008.

Band members : Charles Rumback: bio
                             Charles Gorzcynski: bio
                             Brian Bullard: bio
                             Matthew Gagnon

1 : 3+ (Masami Shiraishi, from Japan, website).
2 : Reminder (Joshua Abrams, bio, bassist for Sam Prekop, Savath & Savalas, Prefuse 73, Nicole Mitchell, Loose Assembly, Sticks and Stones, Jeff Parker…).
3 : Phantom Crew of Intelligent Robots (Anthony Abbinanti, drummer for Chicago-based Dub Reggae greats, The Drastics, discographywebsite).
4: Slava is a Chicago based musician (website).
5: The Mercury Effect (Tommy Faulds, the other half of Silences Sumire). 
6: Reaction (Brian Bullard, recording engineer working with many great artists in Chicago and also a working studio member of Colorlist).
7: Fred Lonberg-Holm (bio, played with everyone from Telefon Tel Aviv, Tony Malaby, Costa Music, L'Altra, Wilco, Janet Bean, Freakwater, Archer Prewitt, DRMWPN…).
8: Halflife (Chris Merrill, bassist for The Drastics).
9: Gamial Trio (Gabriel Sévérin, Michel Duyck, Alinovsky, from Belgium, all playing in lot’s of different projects, like Babils, Silksaw, Rob(u)rang…).

Track listing :
.   1. These Complimentary (Remix)    
    2. Pteridophyta                                       
    3. Lungs, Arms and Shoulders            
    4. Sundrenched Clearing                      
    5. Walking Distance                              
    6. Csapas                                               
    7. Orchid (Thin Skin Mix)                    
 8. Musgo Vivo                                      
    9. City Life (Remix)                      


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