Saturday, 9 April 2011

OCD010 : Comfort / Sleep Talking Shared

OCD010 : Comfort / Sleep Talking Shared

Alessandro Baris, Leonardo Chirulli and Fabio Elia starter the band Comfort in 2000 in Pisa, Italy.
They released their first record “ Eclipse” in 2006 on Psychotica record. 
While recording the tracks for this new album ‘Sleep Talking Shared” , they also collaborated with Pulseprogramming, Mauro Orselli, Roberto Bellatalla, Costa Music, Vonneumann and Caboto.

Their influences range from a lot of different musics, from Jazz to classical to soundtracks.
Radian, Fred Frith , Four Tet, The Cinematic Orchestra, Mr Bungle, Ornette Colemann, Arnold Schoenberg, Robert Schumann, Ennio Morricone, Tortoise, Naked City are bands and musicians they speak a lot about.
And those are definitively roots you can recognise here and there in this new album.
They manage to give us a music full of lights even though, at times, electronics and percussions sound dark and mysterious.

A modern soundtrack for a modern Fellini movie !

Band members :     
      Alessandro Baris : Guitars /Keys / Electronics / Drums
      Leonardo Chirulli : Keys
      Fabio Elia : Bass

Track listing :

1 : Shape
2 : Where the walk is slow
3 : The missed Environment
4 : Florian
5 : Iceberg
6 : Concreto e Indefinito
7 : Stammering Valves
8 : Contemporary Nocturne
9 : Organic Deca-Dance
10 : He moves his head back


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